Credit unions are financial cooperatives , owned by the members and run for the benefit of the members. They are registered and regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. The Credit Union is run by a Management Committee, all volunteers, with paid staff ensuring the smooth day to day operation.
Blackburn Seafield and District Credit Union was formed in September 1994 originally for the residents in the villages of Blackburn and Seafield. Now, anyone who lives or works in the towns and villages to the west of Livingston including Harthill and Eastfield in North Lanarkshire, can join the Credit Union.


Help make a difference by volunteering.


The Credit Union needs more volunteers to help at collection points and strengthen the Management Committee to enable it to meet changing regulations and push the Credit Union forward. Bring along the skills you have, develop new skills and make new friends. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Credit Union Champions are required to promote membership and payroll deduction in workplaces and schools.


Training and a  warm welcome are guaranteed.