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Do you ever find yourself at a loose end, wondering what to do with yourself?  Or feeling like you’d like to contribute towards something that makes a real difference?  Perhaps sometimes you feel that you’d like interests other than work, the house and kids.  Or do you get the itch to meet new people, and learn new skills?

If that's you, then you could give a little but get a lot back by joining our volunteers to help people in our communities access our great services and make a real difference to their lives.

What would I need to do?

You would only need to volunteer as little as two hours a week.  You don't need any qualifications (we will give you all of the training you may need) and you would be working alongside other volunteers, like you, who just want to make a difference. 

Many of our volunteers help at our contact points, working face to face with members, doing many of the essential things that members need and that keep us operating, such as taking payments, issuing cheques, checking balances, taking applications for new members or loans and updating members' passbooks.

There are other roles too, such as inputting data, sending out letters or welcome packs to new members, credit control and debt management, which are mostly managed from our head office.  Even the Pioneer Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who genuinely care about their communities, because that's where they live too!

What can I get out of volunteering?

Well, first of all our volunteers say it feels great just to know you’re doing something really worthwhile and helping others.  They say it’s great to see, there and then, the difference they make.

Then, of course, you can always learn new skills and gain experience of using them in a work environment – it’ll look great on your C.V. if you’re looking for work.  Volunteering shows you have motivation and determination.  Lots of businesses say they’d employ someone with volunteer experience ahead of those with no experience.  And Pioneer is always happy to give a reference to any volunteer who’s been an asset to the organisation.

Volunteering can also help keep you active, both physically and mentally.  Research has shown that it can help with everything from helping you sleep better to boosting your immune system.

Many people also find that volunteering helps to boost their self-confidence.  This could be from learning new stuff, or just meeting and working with new people and making new friends in new places.

Finally, volunteering can give you a real sense of purpose and belonging.  It has a feel-good factor all of its own and at Pioneer you’re always welcome as part of the team.

Great!  How do I become a volunteer?

Just visit our Contact Us page and use any of the methods listed to get in touch with us.  We'd love to hear from you.

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